Over the Weekend: First Friday and the Arizona Lowrider Super Show

By Jonathan McNamara

Happy Monday, Phoenix. Here's what you missed while you were decompressing at home from the last work week.

First Friday

The kids were all right last night as they partied up and down the streets of Phoenix celebrating September's First Friday.

View: this Night Out slideshow with shots from Roosevelt Row and Grand Avenue.

Watch: this video sampler of First Friday's musical performances.

Arizona Lowrider Super Show at Phoenix Convention Center

Things were low, slow and shiny as hell this weekend as lowriders parked in the Phoenix Convention Center for everyone to see their hydraulic lifts and air-brushed artwork on Saturday, September 6 through Sunday, Septemer 7.

View: more shots from the Arizona Lowrider Super Show in this slideshow.

Art Edwards at Yucca Tap Room

Refreshments bassist Art Edwards returned to the Yucca Tap Room stage to share some new songs and get all nostalgic over his glory days in Phoenix.

Read: this review of the Art Edwards show at Yucca Tap Room.

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Jonathan McNamara