Over the Weekend: Nintendo, Star Trek, Joel McHale, sBACH and More

By Jonathan McNamara

The Nintendo Experience Mobile Tour

I want to be the kind of Nintendo fan that happily shrieks at the chance to play mini games. I wish that I didn’t mind waiting three months between releases for another game worth playing. I’d like to embrace casual gaming as a new video game direction, but after visiting the Nintendo Experience Mobile Tour I know that I can not.

Read: a review of the empty promise that is the Nintendo Experience Mobile Tour.

See: a slide show of images from inside the Nintendo Experience Mobile Tour

sBACH Geeks Out at Modified Arts on Nov. 15 Check out this video of sBACH's "Track 2."

sBACH – pronounced almost like the name of the Star Trek character – isn’t a chiptune band per se, though they certainly draw inspiration from the palette of sounds used to score the 8-bit Nintendo cartridges of the Golden Era of gaming.

Joel McHale at Celebrity Theater

Joel McHale is the ridiculous, scathing, and audacious joker among the equally ridiculous and licentious celebrity royalty that populate our most beloved and idiotic TV programs. And it’s obvious to everyone who saw McHale on Friday night at the Celebrity Theatre that McHale is not only good at sharpshooting hapless celebrities, we love to watch him do it.

Star Trek: The Exhibition at Arizona Science Center

Whenever I mention "Star Trek: The Exhibition" to those true fans, their eyes get big and shiny and they start talking faster and making plans to visit as soon and as often as possible.

Read: a run down of the new Star Trek exhibit.

See: a Star Trek: The Exhibition slide show.

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