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With a name like Overcome, it's gotta be one of two things: A Christian metalcore band or the latest in pharmaceutical "male enhancement." (Rejected ad pitch: "Wanna put the zing back in your marriage? Overcome.") Formed in the mid-'90s, the Overcome boys were the first musicians signed by Facedown Records, a Christian punk label based in the white supremacist stronghold of Fallbrook, California. Back then, founder/lead singer Jason Stinson could not have known that he had embraced possibly the lamest band name in the history of rock music; over the next decade, the biggest dickweed bands of their respective generations — Live and Creed — would both publish songs called "Overcome." C'est la vie. The band was dropped by Facedown in the early part of the decade and has spent the last few years in suspended animation, but now Stinson is back with a reconstituted lineup and fresh outlook. "More important . . . isn't what has changed," he theorizes on the band's MySpace page, "but what hasn't and will never change. And that is our purpose and our message. Be ready . . . a new flame is burning." Overcome.
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Craig Outhier