Shit People Said at Goldrush 2018

Goldrush 2018 is in the books.EXPAND
Goldrush 2018 is in the books.
Benjamin Leatherman

Goldrush brought in plenty of talent from across the range of hip-hop and EDM, but sometimes the shit people say steal the show. Whether it's in line for the event or during a performance, members of the crowd didn’t let up with hilarious comments.

You never know what you might hear from folks at shows, so Phoenix New Times kept our ears wide open and overheard some wild, wild things at Rawhide Western Town. Here are some of the funniest comments from the weekend.

There's a first time for everything...

“It’s my first rave! I’m on ecstasy ... look at my eyes.”

One older gentleman who was waiting in line to get into the show was fed up.

“Are we actually going to see music today?”

JPEGMAFIA didn't know much about Arizona weather during a cloudy and rainy Sunday evening.

JPEGMAFIA: “Let’s get started, a tornado's about to come."

Guy in Crowd: “In Arizona?”

JPEGMAFIA: “Whatever, man."

One attendee was just as surprised by JPEGMAFIA's performance as the rapper was by the weather.

“What the fuck was that?”

One couple was overheard deciding their fate for the rest of the night.

Man: “Drinking water instead of alcohol right now would be intelligent."

Woman: “I didn’t come to this event to be intelligent."

A younger male attendee found the set dressing at Rawhide Western Town very convincing.

“Do people actually live in this town?”

One woman was overheard giving a friend some advice.

“C’mon, don’t be a prude, show your ass!”

Were there some mountain-climbers at Goldrush, or was this just the drugs talking?

“I’m finally on my fucking peak!”

One young man was a little fed up with the EDM, but was happy after Rich The Kid’s performance.

“Finally, I’ve been waiting for some rap shit all day.”

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