The crowd at Rattlesnake Stage on day two.
The crowd at Rattlesnake Stage on day two.
Kelsee Becker

Shit People Said at M3F 2018

Music fans gathered at Margaret T. Hance for three days to rock out in the name of charity at M3F 2018, the event formerly known as McDowell Mountain Music Festival.

From pale goths to Juggalos and raver kids to middle-aged parents gone wild, all sorts came out to enjoy the assortment of EDM bangers, crunchy jam sessions, and Father John Misty stage spread out across three different stages. And the attendees had plenty of shit to say.

Scalpers by any means necessary
“You need some tickets? Pretty girls, big man — looking for some tickets?” *knocks on window of car slowly driving by* “Hey yo, roll your windows down! You want some tickets? No?”

Negotiating with the security guards
“Can I bring my vape in? No? C’mon, bro, it’s not weed — it’s watermelon chill.”

No Filters
“Veronica, move over! The porta-potties are still in the shot.”

When a lame indie band tries to cover Amine’s “Caroline”
“Oh, no. Honey, no. You’re too white to do this song.”

The leader of M3F’s drum circle takes his job seriously
“This is what we do once a year: THROW DOWN!”

When the price is right
"Drink enough of these and you won't care that they're $12 a piece, Sheila."

Go easy on the juice next time, bartender
"This tastes like a pineapple just came in my cup."

When you show up on Saturday thinking it's still Friday
"I can't wait for Cut Copy!"

Six Degrees of Chano
"I know a guy who knows the guy who makes Chance The Rapper's hats."

Dad shirts everywhere at the O.A.R. set on Sunday.
Dad shirts everywhere at the O.A.R. set on Sunday.
Kelsee Becker

Ignorance is bliss
Couple crosses paths with drum circle: "Wha ... What the hell is this? Why is this happening?"

That’s kind of a weird thing to get amped about, but you do you
“Check it out: a headbands store! Fuck yeah, dudes.”

When you’re calling your squad cause you don’t see their festival totem
“Where are you guys? I don’t see the naked baby.”

When somebody else sees the naked baby doll with a cape your squad is using as a totem
“Did you see that Superbaby’s dick?”

TFW you realize you’re about to watch a folk rock set and not a DJ
“Awww, it’s pianos and shit!”

You v. the festival she told you not to worry about
Lost Lake was so much bigger than this. So big.”

Father John Misty, introducing “Bored In The USA”
“Here’s a total festival banger for you.”

Father John Misty, explaining the science of wooooing
“That sound, that wooing sound, I’ve been thinking about it a lot these last few years. I think we’re addicted to that sound because doing it deprives oxygen from you brain and you get addicted to that high so you keep doing it.” *crowd woooos* “I get high on much more dangerous things occasionally.”

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