Owl City's Album Art Also Unoriginal

Here we can see the original picture, taken by Ben Eubank (flickr user benisntfunny):

Now, I present booklet page 2 from Owl City's most recent album Ocean Eyes:

As you can clearly see, Young just up and took Eubank's photo and made it is own, not before adding a nice little star and some cute Northern Lights-esque shading. This whole ordeal is pretty brutal for Adam Young, considering he has openly admitted to ripping off The Postal Service. Yet, the dude is hugely popular and is three albums deep -- none of his fans give a shit about his "borrowing" ways. Those same fans are also super religious. Go figure.

I could go on and on about how tame and uninspired Adam Young's music is, but I will leave you with this: type "owl," hell type just "ow," into a google search and see what your first result is. Adam Young is not going anywhere, so everyone will just have to get used to the way he conducts his business. Just make sure you keep checking to see if your photos or musical accomplishments are out there being "represented" by someone else.

UPDATE: It appears that Ben Eubank got compensated for his photo. Those Owl City fans just finding this post -- originally posted January 5 -- can now calm down. When I originally posted this, Eubank had not yet been compensated for his photo. Sorry for any confusion. I now understand that the earlier situation has been rectified. However, Adam Young still ripped off Ben Eubank's photo -- he just finally paid the guy.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.