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It's decreasingly rare that a musician or band ever gets big enough that a tribute band is truly warranted. I don't believe a tribute band is ever a good idea, just because they do a huge disservice to the one being paid tribute. Having said this, if there is one musician who merits an amped-up tribute, it's Ozzy Osbourne. This is not simply because of his status as metal god. It is also because the connotation with Ozzy is as much about the kind of shows he puts on as the music itself. People are possibly more likely to remember his on-stage antics (biting the head off of a bat, etc.) than they are to remember the lyrics to "Crazy Train." Ozzmosis is the definitive Ozzy Osbourne tribute band. Music writer Chuck Klosterman claims that a successful tribute band does not merely pay tribute, rather its members become the band that they worship. As far as one can tell, Ozzmosis has come pretty close to accomplishing this. Attention to details, even the black nail polish of the middle-aged Ozzy personality, make these guys stand out. Since it doesn't look like Ozzfest is gonna make it out west this year, this might be the next best thing.
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