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Packrat, Boyfrndz, and Feuding Fathers Help Make Math Rock Look Easy

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I'm used to hearing bands getting excited for an upcoming gig, but when a band is also excited for the other groups on their bill, it tends to be a special night of music. Local rockers Packrat have one such date coming up next week when Austin's Boyfrndz and Feuding Fathers join the Pack along with fellow locals Charity Drive for a show at Revolver Records on Tuesday, September 18.

Packrat guitarist Brandon Wilson tells us a little more about the touring bands from the "Live Music Capital of the World."

Up on the Sun: What's special about this particular show?

Brandon Wilson: What isn't special about this show? It's at one of the best record stores in Arizona. The two touring bands are from the Austin area. If anyone is familiar with the local scene there, they know that Austin has a lot of great bands. Boyfrndz and Feuding Fathers are two of my favorite. They are both affiliated with a little label in Austin called Neonbeard, which is run by Brandon Maguire, former member of Smokus Pocus.

How would you describe the bands you're playing with? How'd you guys hook up?

They say it's a small world; it truly is. Packrat was supposed to play with both bands on our last tour. Although it didn't work out, we later found out that both Boyfrndz and Feuding Fathers had members previously apart of We The Granada. Packrat had played with them years ago at what used to be The Ruby Room. I thought We The Granada was a great band, full of energy and a great performance. Every member was truly dialed into their songs. Very "Mars Volta" and very awesome.

In regards to Boyfrndz, I haven't been so stoked on a band that is just breaking the grounds of their potential. All Day Pass, their latest release, has been spinning on my computer and in my car for the last couple of days. It's hard to compare this band to any other band I listen to. They have some brilliant vocal melodies that give a hint of Animal Collective influence; all layered over pure and raw "math rock" licks. I use the term math rock for lack of a better term. Apparently, All Day Pass was recorded in three days, live. That's freakin' rad. I see this band being a consistent listen in my collection as well as a strong influence on my own music.

Feuding Fathers has brought the 19-year-old out of me. To those who love Tera Melos, old Tera Melos, will love this band. Fret tapping madness. Feuding Fathers delivers a spazzy, riff heavy sound that has kept me counting time signatures since I first heard them. What really makes me enjoy this band is the reverb soaked vocals, some what poppy melodies that really tie the music together.

How do the bands in this lineup compliment each other?

We all have some punk influence. The other local band, Charity Drive, is a three piece band. They are new locally, but are all very talented musicians. Every band on this bill has three members, I don't know why that's relevant but I personally think it's awesome. We all share similar interests and influences as far as bands and genre. We all smell.

Do you guys have any surprises in store?

Packrat has one surprise -- a new song. It is the newest material since Nick, our new drummer, joined the band. Our set now has live, manually controlled lights as well. I think the true surprise will be given to those who are interested in making their Tuesday night a night full of great new music and record browsing and or purchasing. Be economical, buy and listen to music locally, and I'll bring pizza.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.