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Packrat Ready to Bring the Noise to Rogue Bar on January 10

Did you guys know that loud music entices bar patrons to drink more and faster? I read this factoid in the back of a Men's Health Magazine a while back and it prompted me to look further into this phenomena.

According to WebMD, there is a French study that says the theory is true. Apparently, loud noise makes it harder for people to interact when they can't hear each other, so they keep throwing down drinks. That should make the fine folks at Rogue Bar in Scottsdale extra happy when noise connoisseurs Packrat stop by on Tuesday, January 10.

The local act has assembled hip-hop friends Faces, as well as noise pals Cassiopeia and Marriage of the Decade to help ring in the New Year with what promises to be a loud and rowdy affair.

"This is the show to starting breaking your New Year's resolutions at," boasts the event page on Facebook.

Up on the Sun: How did you guys pass the New Year? Did you guys do anything particularly awesome or did you just coast it?

Brandon Wilson: We kinda coasted it in and stayed home. We tried booking a house show, but we kept it a quiet New Year, as far as the band goes.

Right on. So this show on the 10th that you're hosting, how'd that come about?

Since our drummer is back in town from college, we got all our buddies together to celebrate with a great night. So we got Marriage of the Decade, Cassiopeia, and this new really rad hip-hop indie group, Faces, together and decided to throw a show. It's pretty much a chance to hang out and have a good time.

Is the Rogue Bar a favorite haunt for you guys?

Rogue Bar is one of our favorite places to play. The people there rock. They've always treated us really well and helped us out whenever we needed to book a show or hop onto a show. We really like the sound of the venue itself, so we prefer to play that bar over a lot of different venues.

Facebook says it's going to be a good day to break some New Year's resolutions . . .

(Laughs) I was generally aiming toward the people who wanted to stop drinking and smoking, and you know, kinda come out and forget about the whole bad health thing and ring in the New Year right.

Well done, well done. So what can Packrat newbies expect from one of your shows?

Generally if you come out to a Packrat show, you're going to hear a lot of noise and a lot of progressive music. We like to keep things innovative with a lot of noise improv, so you can just expect a good noisy time. If you got the heart of a punk rocker, you're going to enjoy it, too.

Very cool. And what are the plans for this year? Any new projects you're going to be working on?

We're definitely going to be releasing an album by summertime. We just released our last album in December and it went pretty well, so we're looking at doing another six or seven songs. We're working on an eight to 10-minute song right now that we're hopefully going to release at one of our last shows of this month, that way we can play it before we record it and put it on that summer album.

We're also hoping to go on some sort of tour for a few days or a few weeks with local band Cassiopeia, so we have a little bit of stuff going on but not too much because of the hiatus' we have to go through during the school year.

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