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Page of Bombshells Cabaret

Just in case you hadn't glanced at a calendar lately, April 20 (a.k.a. 420) is this coming Tuesday, man, which means plenty of marijuana-related parties, music fests, and celebrations going on around Phoenix.

As your pothead friends are likely to tell you (in-between mouthfuls of skunky smoke, that is), however, true lovers of the leaf don't are living the 420 lifestyle 24-7.

For instance, the focus of this week's edition of Stripper Songs isn't at all shy about sharing her affinity for cannabis, how much she smokes it, and why it's the reason behind her favorite song to dance to.

Name: Page

Age: 24

Club: Bombshells Cabaret, 4420 East Thomas Road, Phoenix

Measurements: "I don't really know, but my bra size is 34-D."

The Song: "Come Around" by Collie Budz.

Why She Likes It: The stage name of this pulchritudinous princess isn't at all surprising, given her resemblance to legendary pinup beauty Betty Page. But while one could assume that portends an affinity for punk or rockabilly, this stripping siren admits she's more of a fan of jams that are a bit more irie.

"I love reggae a lot because I like smoking out," she says. "I do it almost every day and own a weed outfit that I dance in sometimes. It has buds on it."

When she isn't busy firing up some sweet sensimilla on a daily basis or bumping and grinding at Bombshells four nights a week, she spends her off hours attending local reggae gigs at Valley bars. (Including next week's Reggaefest at Club Red in Tempe).

Page previously trained as a dental assistant, but gave up the profession because "it was too conservative and boring."

"I'm a party girl, I like the dancing and the fun lifestyle," she says.

Previous occupation: "I used to work at a tanning salon."

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