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Page the Village Idiot @ Long Wong's at the Firehouse

Arizona's wacky political landscape is prime fodder for any comedian, but local one-man band Page the Village Idiot manages to make his subversion both funny and catchy. His hilarious commentary on Joe Arpaio's policies ("Thank You Joe Arpaio") may have been topped in his so-called love letter to Jan Brewer on his new album, PTVI III. "Jan Brewer, hell, yeah, I'd do her . . . Beat me, mistreat me like a Mexican," he sings with demented glee. "Fanny Pack Fever" waxes nostalgic about the formerly fashionable accessory — after all, what better way to keep your beer, weed, and cassettes in one convenient place? "Obviously, what I'm doing is satire. It's inspired by the environment I'm around — whatever makes me laugh, or whatever seems to make others laugh that are going out to shows," says Page Davis, the man behind the PTVI moniker. Davis uses an acoustic guitar, ukulele, and synthesizer to poke fun at universal issues, but the best topics hit close to home, like west-side girls who wear too much makeup and Apache Junction meth heads. The PTVI III CD release includes four bands handpicked by Davis: TKLB, Allen Barton, (hopefully, he says) Future Loves Past, and Japhys Descent, so he can "jump on stage and hijack their shows for a couple of songs."

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Melissa Fossum
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