Painting by Cris Kirkwood, Signed Calexico and DeVotchKa Guitars, and More in Artists For Action Raffle

Artists for Action

, those plucky do-gooders counteracting Evil Mastermind Zach de la Rocha's attempts to make our state silent until SB 1070 is "repealed" (despite the fact that California's "eerily similar" Prop 187 was never repealed -- it just got stopped by a judge, the same way SB 1070 did) are hosting a charity raffle.

You may remember the group from such events as that big free concert with Calexico, Mini T's and Sergio Mendoza.

The raffle will be promoted heavily at HoCo Fest, this weekend's celebration of Tucson's inimitable rock club, and features items tied to Calexico, DeVotchKa, and The Meat Puppets. The Meat Puppet donation is arguably the coolest -- one of Cris Kirkwood's original paintings.

Tickets are $5 per item, "with the proceeds dedicated to continuing the work of educating and motivating Arizona audiences to get involved and promote active political change."

You can buy a raffle ticket here via paypal.

And, in case you missed the memo, Artists For Action is a group that opposes SB 1070 but refuses the tactics of out-of-state activists who are cool with killing the quality of life for progressive Arizonans so long as it can in some small way punish our redneck legislature. It's about engaging the public in Arizona, not going the Arizona-as-leper-colony route guys like Conor Oberst advocate.

"We are not necessarily opposed to Sound Strike or other groups who are boycotting the state. Instead, Artists for Action sees itself as working towards the same goal as these groups, but we just have developed an alternative approach to bring about change," says Lisa Wagenheim, a spokesperson for the group. "Since we all live and work in Arizona, we know that there are a significant number of Arizonans who oppose SB 1070 and other discriminatory laws passed and threatened by our legislature. We think that mobilizing groups that typically feel disenfranchised from the system is our best hope at turning things around."

Good stuff, right?

"To that end, Artists for Action has been actively registering, educating, and mobilizing voters at concerts and other free events throughout the state," they say via press release. "So far, Artists for Action has registered 100 new voters, submitted more than 50 Permanent Early Voting List forms, and received over 1,000 pledges to vote in the November election."

If you're going to HoCo Fest  this weekend, or the Spoon show at the Rialto Theatre on October 4 (that's the last day to register to vote in Arizona) then you can buy tickets in person. Otherwise, again, click here.

The raffle will take place at the Spoon show.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.