Art by Japanese artist Aya Miyake
Art by Japanese artist Aya Miyake

Palace World Music Party Shows "Love For Southeast Asia"

DJentrification's weekly Palace World Music night at Filmbar always features far out world music, but this weekend, it's got another goal as well.

"I have been to South East Asia and feel very lucky for all the good people I met, for the records I was able to dig, for the places I was so lucky to go to," says DJentrfication. "It has a big place in heart, and I enjoy the music, it goes deeper than deep: otherworldy funk, vocals and rhythms. I am hard pressed to even describe, Luk Thung, Morlam, Kantrum, Khmer, pop and rock. Traditional music, too. There has been heavy flooding (more than usual) in places and this Palace party is raise funds for support."

In addition to collecting donations, there will be a $5 dollar raffle, prints of the specially designed poster to the left, gift cards for Revolver Records, and "local Thai and Cambodian spots." "I'll probably have 25 to 30 prizes to give away," the DJ states. "There's a good chance of getting something." All money raised will be donated to the Cambodian Red Cross and Save the Children, and includes DJentrification's normal earnings for the night.

Featuring guest Melotronix, the party kicks off Saturday, at 9:30 p.m. at Filmbar.

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