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Paramore at Dodge Theatre

Paramore Fans Declare Last Night's Dodge Theatre Show "the Best They've Ever Been To"

It's no wonder Paramore's fans are so loyal to the emo pop band. Singer Hayley Williams talks directly to audience members during shows, and the band even brought up three lucky peeps to sing (and dance awkwadly during) their hit "Misery Business" for the show closer at their concert last night at Dodge Theatre. After fans (including Frankie Muniz of You Hang Up) used their phones to sway during "The Only Exception," they Tweeted what they thought of the show. Here's what some of the audience members were buzzing about. (And read our review here.)

@kristen_obanner- My voice is SHOT!! well worth it for a @paramore concert!

@WilliamMattull- Concert was cool...Paramore rocked the house

@DollMariaaa- @yelyahwilliams THANK YOU for making my first @Paramore concert UNFORGETTABLE!! Love you :)

@michel513- omg! the paramore concert was awesome! :D it just completed a part of my life!

@emilysazombiee- Concert was amazing! The whole Paramore team was AMAZING. The BEST concert EVER. Thanks for such a great show @yelyahwilliams

@Albieeee- amazing concert tonight ladies and gent. Paramore will always hold a place in my heart.

@A8OMB- Words can't even begin to describe how good the Paramore concert was tonight. Best concert I've ever been to in my life. Period

@LipstickLezzzy- I've never experienced anything that amazing

@Yennifer42- That was by far the best time I've ever had at any concert!

@AMarilu- @yelyahwilliams best concert i have ever been to! @paramore rocked Phoenix!!!!!

@kellydev1013- Paramore might just be the best concert I've ever attended.

@nesswaters010- @frankiemuniz I didn't wanna be a crazy fan and run up to you...but I definitely saw you at the Paramore concert!! :)

@lizetteee- OMFG the Paramore concert was fucking amazing! Oh and i'm in love with Tegan & Sara!

@dennismason- Just got back from the Paramore concert. My favorite band ever, and I'm so glad they're my first concert. It was truly magnificent. :)

@robina- super tired, but not a bad show! paramore def knows how to do a concert, very entertaining.

@JacquelynZz- Best Concert of my life! @yelyahwilliams and everyone ROCKED this show tonite! Thank you for giving us such an awesome show!! #paramore

@klary_O_o- @paramore @yelyahwilliams @newfoundglory and@teganandsara: thanks for an incredible night! so happy to say you guys were my first concert!

@Karla059- The Paramore/New Found Glory concert ROCKED! It was def awesome and not my last! P.s. Haley is hilarious!

@socialriotstar- AWESOME CONCERT!! I don't want @Paramore to leave...;-; Definitely going to see them when they come back!

@tsuvensi07- concert was FUN/Aamazing paramore, tegan and sara & new found glory. gonna go na-night now

@Kira247- @yelyahwilliams hope the dummies didnt ruin the.night in phx, it was my first and def not last paramore concert thanks for rockin it out!

@syazzie04- oh man!! the Paramore concert was freakin awesome!! lol i'm all tired now lol

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