Part of Your Tax Dollars are Paying For Military Marching Bands

If there's one thing our country is good at, it's not knowing how to properly allocate our spending money. After hearing about America's big budget for military marching bands, NPR wanted to know just how much tax payers are collectively throwing down for these guys.

It turns out that the Marines alone spends $50 million on their bands. The Army estimated that they spend around $198 million. However, the Army employs between 4,000 and 5,000 musicians and happens to be the biggest employer of musicians in the country.

Military bands are meant to inspire our forces. They perform at ceremonies as well as for civilian audiences, and they also supposedly help recruitment. Are you kidding? Does our country really think that providing a soundtrack for recruitment will subconsciously assist in peaking Americans' interest to get involved in the military?

Don't get me wrong, I support our troops and I don't think this money is wasteful. I do, however, think it's cumulatively a bit excessive.

I hope they get varsity marching band jackets.

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