Club Candids

Party Arty

We know it sounds weird, but every once in a while, people congregate in a specific area for something other than alcohol. As foreign as that concept may seem, we experienced it firsthand at the super-popular opening of the "Deck" art show at Bragg's Pies Factory on Saturday, October 20. (Click here for more photos.) With more than 200 participating artists, the gallery filled fast, and it wasn't long before the socializing spilled to the street.

Organized by the Molten Brothers, each participating artist was given a skateboard deck to be used for an art piece. Some decks were simple paintings while others were decked out with neon, stained glass, and all sorts of wacky embellishments. Like any other art opening, however, it wasn't really about what was on the walls — it was all about who was walking the floor. The show turned into the perfect meeting point for friends ready to kick off a Saturday night that inevitably moved on to Bikini Lounge and other downtown bars, where the partying really began.

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Lilia Menconi
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