Party Crasher

Party Crasher: Jumpdown Sessions Vol. II

The partygoers at the Draw 10 are whipped into a frenzy by DJ Unknown Error at Jumpdown Sessions Vol. II. Click here for more pictures from the event.

It's just after 11 p.m. on a Saturday night and the Party Crasher feels like his eardrums are about to burst.

Standing less than two feet from the quaking subwoofers of a monolithic speaker, the reverend of revelry's cochlea were getting blasted by a cacophonic storm of bass-driven dubstep and glitchy breakbeats. Feeling very much like the dude in that '80s Maxell commercial, the relentless thrum of this 150 BPM wall of sound is pounding into his chest like a sledgehammer and blows clothing around like that nutty plastic bag in American Beauty.

And why is the Party Crasher perched in the destructively deafening tweeter box? 'Cause it's the best spot to spy all the action taking happening at this past weekend's Jumpdown Sessions Vol. II dance party event at the Draw 10 Lounge.

This sonic boom of a soiree is happening in the cramped back room of the east Phoenix sports bar, which swells with around a hundred party freaks who are making like Billy Idol and dancing with themselves or just bobbing along with the music. The décor is like your dad's den from the 70s, except gussied up with flashing colored lights and the occasional spray from a smoke machine.

DJ Noah D., straight outta Oregon.

On the decks at the moment is acclaimed Portland turntablist Noah D., who's serving up some drum 'n' bass and grime for the crowd. Like jungle music, both genres (as with most EDM in general) originated in the UK, and are typified by an unrelenting sub-bass backbeat measuring into the 90 MHz range or lower.

It's the kinda stuff that's perfect for removing fillings or creating a gigantic sonic vibrator out of your stereo system. Groove Corps, the local promoters of tonight's event, are into said music big-time, and have held similar shindigs at Draw 10.

UK beat-juggler Unknown Error (left) and the OC's DJ Culprit show off their favorite hand gestures.

Looking to give his ears a rest, the Party Crasher headed for the outdoor smoking patio and ran into the DJ duo of co-headliners Culprit and Unknown Error. The latter cat's a fly UK-born turntablist who's worked a few Groove Corps events in the past, as well as at clubs around the world. In fact, after tonight's P-Town spin session, the globe-hopping 20-something will hit up a couple gigs in Cali before jetting back to London and later Eastern Europe. Lucky punter.

Still, Unknown Error digs the Valley.

"I like the fans out here, but I especially love the nice weather. It's fucking awful in London right now, probably pouring rain," he says.

Unknown Error drives 'em wild.

And the Valley digs him in return. When the British beat-juggler got his turn dropping drum 'n' bass from the mixers, those in attendance went absolutely nutso. They crowded around his decks and started pumping and waving their hands and arms in the air and doing their own crazy kind of dancing.

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