Club Candids

Party Like a Rock Star

After hitting up a couple empty clubs this past Saturday night, we finally gave in and headed to The Rogue in Scottsdale for Shake!'s two-year anniversary. Leave it to William Fucking Reed to steal the crowds, because on Saturday, February 24, the place was packed with a mixed mob looking to get hooked up with a DJ set by Gilby Clarke of Rock Star: Supernova (formerly of Guns 'N Roses).

The throng was made up of not only the usual indie-punk, polka-dotted Rogue crew, but also some high-class Scottsdale chicks with a few middle-aged men in tow. Oh, and the legendary Dave Navarro showed up, did one cruise through to scout out the ladies, and then retreated to the Rogue's so-called "VIP room" (we're picturing a leather couch and disco ball in the storage closet with a couple of broads). Unfortunately, we were not deemed hot enough to get in and take photos, but such an endeavor may have put us at risk for a myriad of STDs anyway, so we think it was for the best.

Seemingly scummy celebrities aside, the night was wild with drunk-ass dancing and rock 'n' roll that gave us ringing ears and a raging hangover that lasted until Monday afternoon.

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Lilia Menconi
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