Passion Pit's Fans Ditch School and Dates to Dance and Check Out Booty

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Last night's Passion Pit show was pretty fun, but don't take it from me. We browsed Twitter to get a sense of the crowds' response, which for the most part, was positive. The negative responses stemmed from folks rolling their eyes that their friends were going to the show, as well as a little bit of complaining about the long will call line.

Whether you were at the show because you genuinely love the band, consider yourself a Doritos aficionado, or enjoy people watching, check out what folks had to say about Passion Pit's performance after the jump.

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‏@andrewtatee @amysurrencyy called me while Passion Pit was playing Take A Walk and it was probably the best 2 minutes of my life :') Did that inspire him to...take a walk?

@little_room Worth the 40-min will-call line? Hell yeah, it's the Pit!! (@ Marquee Theatre for Passion Pit + more w/ 69 others) http://4sq.com/Op0Ljm Good things come to those who wait.

@IAlsoHateMelik Observing all the hipsters in line for passion pit #soexcited Perhaps that's why little_room didn't mind the line.

@JanelleFiore Jut texted a guy saying I'm at passion pit and he replied "it's a school night." lol #wtf your point?? School is for fools, obvs.

@JennStanton1 Help?: Passion pit at the marquee or study? Homework, schmomework.

@AnaBrennan can't go to the passion pit concert anymore #wowparents #awesome OMG, parents are the worst.

@personwithaG Wow Passion Pit rocked the freaking house!!!! #dancing #jumping #Marquee #concert #crazy #goodtime with @sa http://instagr.am/p/PdyGsBMfmO/ That about sums it up.

@little_room GREAT Passion Pit show, one of the best crowds I've seen at the Marquee - loud with lots of energy! I liked that it was short too #oldMan personwithaG made it happen.

‏@YeeeMaihan Bodies drenched in sweat with music blaring in my ears, plus Passion Pit equates to a fucking amazing night. http://pic.twitter.com/9zTjXDqV Shower time. @Kimberleeftw Already buzzed! Can't wait for passion pit!

@AlexTalmage holy shit there's 2 openers?? i'm gonna be so sober by the time passion pit comes on! #alcoholicproblems I bet Alex and Kimberlee sweated out most of the booze.

@ajfamehooker My ears are still ringing from the Passion Pit concert. Great show. Amazing light show. Hot Butts everywhere. + with Rachael. Great night. Ringing ears are a small price to pay for booty.

@AlexMHuynh Passion pit just raped me in the ass #worthit Was that one of the aforementioned "hot butts"?

@stacyGYPSY No date tonight but that's chill. I get to see passion pit =^.^= #karma ? Perhaps she found a date with some sweet booty.

‏@leighmarise I came to see Passion Pit not watch hipsters make-out. That answers my question.

@josemedinajr Also, my body is hating me today. Might have gone too hard at @passionpit last night. Oh well, sorry for party rocking! http://pic.twitter.com/Utk0qLTP At least he didn't follow it up with "I work out!"

@laurensetnicky "Omgguise I was sah close to passion pit at da concert last nite dey prolly saw me" OMG, dudes.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.