Concert Review

Pat Benatar Went Through the Motions, Blondie Rocked, and The Donnas Backed Out at Dodge Theatre

icture this: teen girls in too much makeup channeling new wave goddesses with their overbearing, nacho-chowing mothers, wrinkled women in low-cut, studded halters exhibiting chests long past their perky prime, and grooving chicks with hair too long and pants too high. All once- or to-be punks, plus their counterparts.

Ladies snapped forbidden shots of two female rock icons that they've lived through vicariously for the past 30 something years. Proudly prancing in their leopard print dresses, bangles and Pat Benatar World Tour 1995 tees, Blondie and Benatar's show at Dodge felt like a new waver's Lilith Fair.

The Donnas canceled. Apparently, lead singer Brett Anderson struggled through their soundcheck after contracting laryngitis. That Dodge announcer guy explained that the girls were "in tears, like weeping" over their decision to bail on the gig.

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