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Patrick Stump's Moustachette Keeps Him Busy

While Fall Out Boy goes on hiatus (thanks, Ashlee "Yoko" Simpson), singer/guitarist Patrick Stump is still busy. Besides crafting a solo album (on which he will play all the instruments himself) the lovable lug is also still promoting his 2008 independent film, Moustachette.

Haven't heard of it? It didn't even come across this super-huge FOB fan's radar until recently. It stars Stump, FOB bassist Pete Wentz and Yellowcard singer/guitarist Ryan Key in what looks like a hilarious take on young life in Hollywood. The plot is a little hard to figure out from trailers and the website, but supposedly there's a female exotic dancer with a moustache involved.

The film's recently premiered in Chicago and has plans to be shown across the country. Sounds like it would fit in perfectly with local film festivals, don't you think?

Check out pics and trailers at

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Nicki Escudero
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