Pazz & Jop Announced. Kanye Won. Duh.

Our sister paper, The Village Voice, has announced the results of their annual Pazz & Jop critic's poll.

If you're unfamiliar, basically like 1,000 music critics get to vote on their favorite albums and singles, assigning points to the top 10. Then those points are tabulated and Kanye West wins.

Or at least he did this year -- surprising no one.

My ballot is here. Some other familiar names, like Mike R. Meyer, Mike Escoto, Lindsey Holder, Dan Gibson, Michael Lopez and Jason P. Woodbury, are on there, too.

Serene Dominic, a former New Times freelancer who now does freelance work for the Republic, is on there. (He apparently liked everything in his top 10 equally).

And, as always, the man who started the whole thing -- Rober Christgau -- is on there, too.

The best part of the whole thing is that you can click an album and see who else voted for it. Like, say, the Ted Leo 16 of us properly appreciated or the Toubab Krewe record that no one but me liked enough to vote for.

Search for your favorite obscure artist of 2010 and you just might have a new (second?) favorite music critic.

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