PCL Fridays

There's just over five months until the Red Bull Thre3Style national finals go down in Denver, and Phoenix's JR Phillips (a.k.a. D-JR) is probably gonna need all that time to perfect his turntable talents. The 26-year-old mixmaster bested six other P-town cats last month to earn a berth in the energy drink-sponsored 13-city DJ competition and will hopefully pwn sucka selectas from across the country in the Mile High City this fall. Phillips will get in plenty of practice between now and then, as he works the wheels of steel at Old Town clubs five nights a week, including his Friday slot at Pussycat Lounge, 4426 North Saddlebag Trail in Scottsdale. D-JR will drop a mix of hot spins and party rocking music with aplomb all evening during the affair, which is being promoted with the swaggerish tagline "Chicks dig our decks." Let's hope the Thre3Style judges agree. Doors open at 8 p.m. Call 480-390-7989.
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