Peachcake Does Daytrotter

Peachcake Does Daytrotter

Local psychedelic dance duo Peachcake are the latest Phoenix band to record a session for Daytrotter, an influential Chicago music blog. Like Dear and the Headlights and some others before them they were treated to a cool mid-fi recording session and the above portrait -- though we have to say it's almost subdued compared to the band's normal work.

Here's part of what the writer said:

What you want to say, just blurt out is, "No fucking way," when you hear that the electro-pop band Peachcake is from Carefree, Arizona, but thems are just the facts. It's so fascinating because to see the group live, to hear them in song or in conversation, it's the place that Stefan Pruett and John O'Keefe would seek out even if such a place were no more real than a unicorn or a jackalope/stagbunny/Wyoming thistle hare. The two odd ducks already consider their home planet to be Planet Awesome, which, from our calculations, is made up exclusively of sugary foods, strobe lights, thumping drums in loud music, beds made out of marshmallows and hot fudge, ubiquitously free wireless Internet, jingle bells attached to every shoe and sprinklers that you can run through at any time of the day.

Listen here.


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