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Peachcake Gives Away Customized iPod for Facebook Likes

Local electro pop band Peachcake may be just one of the most social media savvy bands in the Phoenix area. The group crafted a cool Facebook "Like" drive, where you can enter to win a customized iPod simply for "Liking" their Facebook page. Existing fans of the page can enter, too -- just go here.

The iPod is pretty sweet, with the band's name engraved on the back as well as an image from the cover of their current EP, This Wasn't Our Plan. The iPod also comes with the whole EP already loaded onto it, making Peachcake forever a part of your new device.

"We thought it would be an interesting and fun way to reach out to current fans as well as garner new ones in celebration of our new EP by giving them something special, useful and uniquely Peachcake," says singer Stefan Pruett. "It was a pretty cool collaboration when it all came together, and I think it's going to make a lot of people happy, which is ultimately what we're all about -- creating happiness in this world for all. Don't call it a comeback."

The concept was a joint effort between Peachcake and their marketing company, Potenza Creative.

"They seemed to get and like the band, and thought this was a perfect fit," Pruett says. "They brought the idea to us and managed the execution, so we were totally on board and also thought it was actually pretty amusing. It makes us seem like U2 or something."

Considering the average cost of a new Facebook fan costs more than $1 per fan, and the band already has more than 500 entries, giving a Peachcake-branded iPod away in exchange for a ton of "Like"'s sounds like a very efficient social media marketing plan.

The contest on Facebook will run through Thursday, December 15, and the band will be giving away a second iPod when they open for Future Islands this Sunday, November 20 at Rhythm Room. For more information, log on to their website here.

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