Peachcake Gives This Wasn't Our Plan EP Away for Free

It's been less than a month since local pop band Peachcake released their current EP, This Wasn't Our Plan, and if you haven't gotten a copy yet, now you can download the disc for free at www.peachcake.bandcamp.com.

According to singer Stefan Pruett, the band had always wanted to give away the EP, but it was their label Warner Music Group's decision to sell it originally. Since the band isn't touring until the fall, getting out the music to as many people as possible is the band's priority.

"With the way music is going and how people tend to perceive music, your music is a calling card to introducing people to what you care about and are passionate about," Pruett says. "We figured we'd give it away, and hopefully it speaks as passionately to them as it does to us."

The EP is a departure from what longtime Peachcake fans may be used to, with a more focused, streamlined pop sound the band describes as more mature.

"We've entered a new realm, and we really want people to see what we're really made of and what we're about now," Pruett says. "The end-all, be-all of this is that the sales model of music is out the window, and everyone knows that. The more people know about it and are aware of it, the more inclined they'll be to buy the album or merchandise or whatever. We want to get people in our corner. That's all we care about. I don't care whether people get it for free or they pay for it. If people want to donate their time to listen to our music, that's even better."

If the music speaks to you, you can be a part of the filming for the band's new music video, "Were We Ever Really Right?" Shooting for the clip takes place on Saturday, June 4, and if you're interested in participating, e-mail wereweeverreallyright@gmail.com.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.