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Pearl Jam Is Coming To Phoenix, Because Touring Is What Pearl Jam Does

This is not man-bites-dog news, but it may still be exciting news: Pearl Jam is touring the United States this fall, and Phoenix is on its list of 24 North American dates. Our chance to see the last flannel-wearers standing comes on November 19, at Arena in Glendale.

It sounds like it's going to be a busy six months for the band, who is supposed to be almost done with its first album since 2009's Backspacer (that's the one with the unspeakably catchy song in the Target commercials, if you're not a fan) and just finished teasing this very announcement on their website.

After the jump: The official tour-announcement video from a band who spends much of its time announcing and performing in tours. Also that Target commercial, probably, if I can find it.

Eddie Vedder was in Phoenix last November, playing a wide-ranging set that combined his Ukelele Songs and Pearl Jam hits, but Pearl Jam proper hasn't been in town since a 2003 performance at the erstwhile Cricket Pavilion, if I'm reading this incredibly comprehensive concert chronology correctly.

Before that they played the erstwhile Desert Sky Pavilion in 2000, and the Coliseum in 1998.

That's the thing about being internationally famous: You have a lot of ground to cover. Even Pearl Jam, famous for their touring, can spend a decade outside one of the most populous cities in their home country.

Which is a roundabout way of saying this: If you're fan enough to know, say, which Pearl Jam fansite has an incredibly comprehensive concert chronology, you'll probably want to make time for this one. Who knows when they'll be back around next.

Oh, and here's the song from the Target commercial, because I don't want it to just be in my head.

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Dan Moore