Australian duo Peking Duk.EXPAND
Australian duo Peking Duk.
Ian Laidlaw

Peking Duk Wing Into Phoenix

Australian house music duo Peking Duk gave a giant nod to the ’80s in their video for “Wasted,” a single released earlier this year. Choreographed dance moves are just one part of the equation. Fashion wise, it is total Miami Vice, complete with white cotton suits worn over shirts unbuttoned to the waist — not a chest hair left unseen.

It’s not just the clothes that honor that decade. Musically, the poppy electro-ditty is reminiscent of the latter half of the 1980’s, when radio rock bands like Journey and Starship cranked up the synth factor to mirror the popular new wave, dance-inspiring bands of the time. Yep, the title doesn’t lie, the song’s about being drunk — not just on booze, but on love, too. “I keep dreaming / I wanna get naked with you / I keep drinking / But I wanna get wasted on you.” It’s not a total heart-cruncher, but it does make its point.

Together, Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles are team Duk. DJ’s and electronic music producers, the two came together in 2010 to launch this project, and since have released a number of extended plays, remixes, and singles. Of the latter, a few have charted high on the Australian lists.

Peking Duk play Saturday, June 23 at Valley Bar. Tickets are $22 to $27 at valleybarphx.com.

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