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Pelican, Black Cobra set to rock The Clubhouse

​Chicago-based four piece Pelican are busy readying their new LP, What We All Come to Need, and tuning up for their upcoming tour, including a date in Tempe. The instrumental post-metal band, who now reside in Los Angeles, played the now closed The Sets back in March, so their upcoming October 30 date will come with great anticipation.

Newly signed Southern Lord label mates Black Cobra will be in support. Their Southern Lord debut Chronomega will hit stores 9/29, in perfect time for them to hit the road and tour. Columbus, Ohio rockers Struck By Lightning will also be on the bill.

The Clubhouse looks like it will be the go-to venue for hard rock/metal acts in the wake of The Sets' recent closure. Not many people seem to be that torn up about The Sets' demise -- while others are worried about where the unique metal shows that the cavernous venue used to bring in will find a home. A band like Pelican most likely never batted an eye at the idea of playing The Sets, and that may have been the problem with the venue. It never seemed to have that certain quality that made it a bona fide stop for bigger bands, while it was, unfortunately, crawling with that low-level appeal that made it the perfect place for bands with smaller profiles that were fighting and scratching to get a decent gig.

At any rate, Pelican's Halloween Eve gig will certainly be the perfect opportunity to get acclimated with their new material from What We All Come to Need. The move to Los Angeles has had an effect on their new material, but it hasn't radically changed that band like that move can sometimes do to a band.

In any case, Southern Lord has provided a Pelican MP3 for your listening pleasure. Enjoy:

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Michael Lopez