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People Who Hate Radiohead; And One Person Who Loves Them (But Still Thinks the Band Is Going to Hell)

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We found out last week that a lot of people like Radiohead. I mean, really like Radiohead.

Just kidding. We knew, because most of us really like Radiohead, but some of our readers had a field day admonishing my colleague when she casually admitted that she didn't quite "get" the British band ahead of tonight's show in Glendale.

Fans wasted no time correcting her, with one reader even making a pretty-much-valid point, saying Yorke and the boys "de-constructed and then re-assembled the structures within contemporary rock music, introduced new shades and colors of sound to create fresh, sonic terrain and ambient landscapes, and single-handedly changed the way many bands [begin] to create music."

Of course, just because you like Radiohead doesn't make you smart. Even some easily detestable members of the Westboro Baptist Church are picking up what Thom Yorke is putting down.

Steve Drain, the group's media outreach and marketing coordinator, was recently quoted as saying that although Radiohead hasn't given God the "glory for their talent, welfare, and riches," OK Computer really rocked.

There's no denying that, but believe it or not, you don't have to look far to find other people who don't think the world of Radiohead, and for far less religiously-minded reasons.

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