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Personality Disorder: Look Forward to a New Collection of Arizona Punk

In case you've missed it for the last eight years, has put out these incredibly cool DIY compilations of local punk bands. Sold for merely $3 and containing anywhere from 30 to 40 tracks from different bands, the albums, which are simply titled AZPunk.comp Vol. 1-6, were a way to showcase all of the best and most diverse punk rock that Arizona has to offer.

The good people at have decided to switch things up a little bit this year though. Rather than the $3 cram-all-you-can-into-one-little-CD effort, the kids are putting out a 14-track 12" vinyl record titled Personality Disorder.

They've teamed up with local label May Cause Dizziness Records, (who put out a Love Me Nots LP on sweet red and black vinyl) and DJ Johnny Volume for the project.

The track listing has been released, and features bands from all over the state, playing all different types of punk. According to, "The end result is a mixture of street, hardcore, pop, garage, lo-fi and post-punk rock music that portrays a great sample of the awesome diverse tastes of punk rock that Arizona has to offer in 2010." Pre-orders

are being taken for $10 as only 250 will be pressed, so don't miss out.

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Sarah Ventre