PETA Condemns New Matthew Herbert Album

British electro musician Matthew Herbert's latest artistic endeavor involves documenting the life cycle of a pig, and turning those sounds into music.

The animal rights organization PETA condemned his efforts, Pitchfork reports, claiming that recording these sounds would mean recording the pig's life in preparation to be killed, and ultimately recording the sounds of the slaughter as well.

PETA's statement is quite harsh, and even claims that the pig deserves more respect that Herbert.

"No one with any true talent or creativity hurts animals to attract attention... Pigs are inquisitive, highly intelligent, sentient animals who become frightened when they are sent to slaughterhouses, where they kick and scream and try to escape the knife. They are far more worthy of respect than Matthew Herbert or anyone else who thinks cruelty is entertainment."

Herbert counters the statement by explaining that if a person is going to eat meat, (as he does,) they should consider the implications of what they do, instead of doing it blindly. He advocates being a responsible meat eater of sorts. He's even keeping a blog entirely dedicated to documenting the efforts involved in producing his latest work.

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