DJ Dossier

Pete "SuperMix" Salaz Talks Tai Chi, Swell Season, Cali Swag District, Tony Loreto, and More

To say that Pete Salaz wears a lot of hats would be a major understatement. The dude's not only trained in both Tai Chi Chuan and kung fu, but he's also a full-time parent, prize-winning salsa maker, and one of several managing partners of Bar Smith. (In the spirit of full disclosure, we should also mention that he's also an employee of Phoenix New Times.)

Oh, and Salaz has also spent time over the past 25 years becoming a Godfather in the Valley's DJ scene.

Name: Pete Salaz Castaneda, Jr.

AKA: "SuperMix"

Current club nights: I can be found at Solstice Saturdays at Bar Smith, Skyline Fridays at the downtown Sheraton, and the occasional Red Monkey (next one is on Thanksgiving 2010)

Genres spun: House music (I'm a one trick pony)

How did you get started as a DJ: In 1984-85 breakdancing was hot! I've always been big boned. I can't spin on my head or do anything else breakdance related. So, the only way I could be involved with that scene was to provide the music. I bought some crappy equipment (back in the day, I didn't think it was crappy) and started my journey. And now, 25 years later, I still can't break!

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