Phil Anselmo's Desert Island Discs (at the Moment)

Everyone knows that Zia Records hooks up all the Valley music junkies. Big-time. The lure of that sharp red and yellow "Zia" sign brings in people from all walks of life seeking novelty toys, every possible music genre, and movies. Personally, it's the smell of vinyl that calls my name and draws me toward those double doors.

The vinyl collection may be impressive -- Zia peddles everything from Miles Davis to Slick Rick to the soundtrack for The Hills Have Eyes -- but what really stands out for me is Zia's ability to organize so many in-store signings and giveaways for fans.

Because that's what music is all about, after all. The fans, right?

The first 20 people who purchased Anselmo's debut solo album, Walk Through Exits Only, at any Phoenix Zia got a wristband granting the holder and a plus-one access to an exclusive event taking place Friday, January 24, at Pub Rock in Scottsdale before his show there that evening.

Fitting, since in a recent interview with Phil Anselmo, I asked him what three records he would take to a desert island. His answer? "All right. This could be interchangeable within every 15 minutes. I'd take the Beatles' Abbey Road. Slayer's Hell Awaits. And Portal's Outre. But like I said -- it could be different 15 minutes from now."

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Lauren Wise has worked as a rock/heavy metal journalist for 15 years. She contributes to Noisey and LA Weekly, edits books, and drinks whiskey.
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