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Phish Festival 8: Photos From Day 1

Phish + Halloween + Indio, California = Pumpkin carving contest.

Phish takes the stage playing "Party Time" in Indio, California for their Festival 8. The reunited Vermont jam band is combining two of their biggest traditions, a massive festival and a Halloween concert that features the band playing another artist's album in its entirety. What does all this mean? Lots and lots of hippies sleeping in tents on the lush grass of Empire Polo Club.

Singer Trey Anastascio looked plenty happy to be in Cali, coincidentally home to our nation's most liberal marijuana laws. Checking in we heard a security guard radioing to inquire about the status of the "Reefer Van."

No timed lights here: Lighting designer Chris Kuroda, responsible for several installations around the grounds, "plays" the lights along with Phish's music. Turns out looks a lot like regular lights, sure, but it's kinda cool to know there's some improvisational element to it.

Bassist Mike Gordon brought the thunder. For a four-piece, Phish has a huge sound.


Check out that drum kit. Neil Peart ain't got nothing on Jon Fishman.

Attendees were advised to bring balloons to mark their campsites among the massive crush of humanity. These guys did it up right, bringing a bunch of "8" balloons. Turns out it was pretty unnecessary though since no one else came prepared.

Saturday is Halloween, which means it's costume day here at Phish Festival 8. So far this guy wins the costume contest. Simple, but perfect. The cookie makes it.

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