Phoenix Comicon, Danzig, Twilight Singers, Randy Newman, and Hooves Over the Memorial Day Weekend

Phoenix Comicon 2011 In Photos If you attended Comicon this weekend, the chances are good that you're currently nursing a pocky hangover (possibly a real one as well) and using Memorial Day to nap. While you recover from the sheer awesomeness, take a look back with these photos including costumed characters, Lego mastery, and Mr. Spock...see photos

Twilight Singers at The Clubhouse Music Venue Earlier this year, Sub Pop released Dynamite Steps, the latest album from Greg Dulli and The Twilight Singers. The record is typically Dulli: dark, funky, and with soul inflections wedged between big rock guitars, electronic ambiance, and thumping rhythms. The record is tied only with Destroyer's Kaputt as my "late night" album of the year...full story

See: Twilight Singers in photos

Danzig at Marquee Theatre For a guy with a reputation for taking himself too seriously, Glenn Danzig seemed unusually genuine and appreciative of his fans last night, as his band killed it at the Marquee Theatre. With no hint of the unholier-than-thou attitude he's been rumored to convey during public appearances and in interviews, the Satanic rocker worked the whole stage, thrusting his pelvis and flashing devil horns to audience members on both sides of the venue with enthusiasm...full story

Randy Newman at The Arizona Biltmore Newman doesn't need to tour -- I'm sure his bank statements are looking pretty healthy with all that Pixar money flowing in. So when a 67 year-old musician decides to hit the road and play two nights at the Arizona Biltmore armed with only a Steinway, you have to wonder where the motivation comes from. I'd say the guy really loves playing piano and singing his songs for people...full story

Halocene, Dead Man's Curse, and Toybox at Phoenix Comicon People who complain there's no culture in Phoenix have obviously never been anywhere near Phoenix Convention Center or the Hyatt Regency downtown during Phoenix Comicon (now an annual Memorial Day weekend event here). I sat around the Hyatt for nearly four hours last night, and in addition to the hordes of the undead, I saw Elvira (whose boobs still look like they're levitating), four Dr. Who's gathered around their custom TARDIS (time machine) motorcycle, actor Nicholas Brendon (Xander on Buffy the Vampire Slayer) buying apple juice in his pajamas, and Darth Vader driving a pedi-cab...full story

Hooves at The Bikini Lounge For all the focus on the band's antics on stage and off, it's easy to miss how understated Hooves can be. The band announced recently that they are packing up and moving to Bellingham, Washington, and while plenty of bands would take the opportunity to milk a "farewell show" for all it's worth, Hooves aren't that kind of band...full story

Mega Ran and Minibosses at Phoenix Comicon Backed by DJ Marvel, Mega Ran spit some clever rhymes with great precision, and got the audience involved, as well. Before his song "The Goodness" (inspired by Star Fox), he asked the audience to shout out the name of a character from the game. Dozens of people shouted out several answers, then enthusiastically waved their arms in the air during the song. The performer and the audience were definitely in tune, all fans of the same stuff...full story

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Jonathan McNamara