Phoenix Indie Bowl 2009: Have You Signed Up Yet?

Having just e-mailed the PHXmusic.com team's sign up sheet myself, I'm not really in a position to nag here, but I'll tackle the task anyway: Have you signed up for this weekend's indie bowl yet?

The Psyko Steve sponsored venture, a tournament to benefit Local First Arizona, does draw pretty much anyone who's anyone in the local music scene, making it a must-do for many of our readers. It also takes place at Sunset Bowl, the best alley in town, which is a nice perk.

Unlike last year, this year the New Times editorial team plans to be at least a little competitive -- which is why our bowling team is 100% transplanted Midwestereners. I've already requested we be matched up against Electric Mustache in Round 1 and So Much Silence in Round 2, so here's hoping the other music blogs in town do get around to fielding their own squads.

Sign up here. Admire the fun we had last year here.

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