Phoenix Punk Band Sad Kids Isn't So Sad After All

Sad Kid may just be a pack of whiners. Because for all the crying the Phoenix band's name implies, they just hosted one of the most anticipated local shows of the year: the Broken Hearts Ball. Also, they just returned from their first big out-of-state gig, New Mexico's Mountain Bloodfest, and their upbeat energetic live shows made their party for their new EP, Illegitimate Son, a rather looked-forward to event for any self-respecting Phoenix punk.

It's hard to tell at this point what the band that used to be known as Sad Boy Trumpet Club is so blue about. Maybe they're down in the dumps because they had to ditch the trumpet. Or maybe they're just crying out so you don't have to.

“Have you ever lived life? Life sucks sometimes. Everyone knows what it’s like to be that sad piece-of-shit kid sitting alone at the lunch table that no one wants to talk to … well maybe not everyone, but all of us do,” says bass player Kyle King. 
Lead singer and guitarist Rick Hill adds, “Life ain't all burritos and strippers.”

It's interesting that a band called Sad Kid makes such upbeat party music. 

“It's not all 'sad kid' music; it's just a band name. I wouldn't look to much into our band name. It just paints a picture that we are a bunch of sad shitty kids in a sad shitty band,” says Hill.

The group is especially tight considering they have only been playing together since February 2015. Their clean sound can most likely be attributed to the fact that they all live together and have ample practice time. The living situation has also rubbed off on them in other ways too, as the band operates somewhat like a family, with constant bickering and practical jokes.

Through all the incoherent attempts at jokes the band threw at one another during the interview, one part that stuck out was drummer James Bohan claiming he writes all of King's bass lines. even though that is in no way true, and King threatening to “hurt” Bohan if that made print. Bohan was so stoked about embarrassing his bandmate that he even interrupted a conversation King was having with a “cute girl” at Mountain Bloodfest to interject that little tidbit.
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Jeff Moses
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