Phoenix to Play Saturday Night Live

Fleet Foxes? Check. TV on the Radio? Check. Parisian rockers Phoenix join the ranks as the next hip, trendy band to grace SNL's music stage this season. Their next album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, isn't due out until May 26th, but the band still managed to swing a spot on the New York institution's April 4th show featuring Seth Rogen as host. This is a great pick for Lorne Michaels and company as Phoenix's appeal is one that cast a broad net, thanks in large part to their fantastic pop ideal and light, melodic sound.

The band will perform the lead single off of Wolfgang, "1901," as well as the album's first track "Lisztomania," an insanely catchy tune and the perfect album opener. Many people probably are not aware of Phoenix and their impressive body of work, including the albums United, Alphabetical and It's Never Been Like That. Some people also may not know that lead singer Thomas Mars is married to Sofia Coppola, star of Chemical Brothers videos and director of Marie Antionette and Lost in Translation -- the latter featuring one of Phoenix's early, impossibly irresistible hits "Too Young." I'm just glad SNL realizes the error of their ways in booking funny hat aficionado and idol to 12 year old girls Jason "Mr. A-Z" Mraz (I don't care if he has Grammys coming out of his ass, he is a boring live performer). Booking Phoenix doesn't erase all the memories from his crappy performance, but it sure will help.

Make sure to tune in in two weeks because the April 4th installment of Saturday Night Live will be one you shouldn't miss. It will not be the Neil Patrick Harris episode -- lightning in a bottle like that can only be captured once a season, but it is sure to be a solid effort, bolstered by Phoenix's musical performances.

Saturday Night Live with host Seth Rogen and musical guest Phoenix will air here in the Valley at 10:30 PM on NBC Saturday, April 4th.

Phoenix's myspace can be found here. Head to the band's official website for a free download of "1901."

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.