Phooson, Tokio Hotel, Wu Tang Clan and More Over the Weekend

How's everyone feeling after Phooson? Significantly rocked out? Did you get the chance to stop by First Friday before joining the legions of 15-year-old Fallout Boy fans? No? No worries, we've got you covered. 

Phooson 2008

Check out our coverage of Katy Perry, Rihanna, Fallout Boy, Tokio Hotel, The Pussycat Dolls, Jesse McCartney and more direct from Phooson 2008 on Dec. 5, coverage.

See: a Phooson 2008 slide show.

Watch: video highlights of Phooson 2008

First Friday on December 5, 2008

There were plenty of street musicians, art lovers, and other colorful characters out and about for First Friday on December 5...view slide show

Dear Teenage Girls, Do You Really Like These Tokio Hotel Dudes?

The lead singer of the band, Bill Kaulitz, isn't so much androgynous as completely feminine and the rest of the guys just look like the sort of dirtballs who somehow manage to schedule nothing but shop classes their senior year...full story

Wu Tang Clan at Marquee Theater

The last time I saw Wu Tang Clan was possibly the most disappointing concert-going experience of my life. I was in high school when the boys from Staten Island stopped by Cleveland to open for Rage Against The Machine. It was awful...full story

Bad Xmas Pageant

For those ready to hang themselves with a string of Christmas lights at the thought of being forced to endure the injustices that come with a visit to the mall in December, the organizers of the Bad Xmas Pageant have felt your pain for the past 23 years in the form of cross-dressing elves, full-frontal nudity and reindeers with Tourettes Syndrome...full story

Night Train

Have you been paying attention to our ultimate pub crawl? Two more stops were added over the weekend: Veterans Way/College Avenue and Mill Avenue/Third Street

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Jonathan McNamara