Pinback's Rob Crow Has A Lot of Thoughts Concerning Star Wars

San Diego's post rock-meets-subdued pop duo Pinback has kind of been under the radar for the past five years.

Rob Crow and Zach Smith took a break from recording new Pinback songs to focus on side projects and family, all while taking Pinback out for occasional tours. But the duo returned in late 2012, armed with drummer Chris Prescott for Information Retrieved, which is full of as many muddled messages as it is classic songs like "Loro" and "Penelope."

The obfuscation is part of Pinback's DNA, and its charm. So when we recently caught up with vocalist Rob Crow to discuss the album, he didn't want to give too much away. Instead, we gushed about Star Wars and how midichlorians ruined the prequels.

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Melissa Fossum
Contact: Melissa Fossum