Pinback's Zach Smith: "I Like to Be a Band for the People"

Time can be unkind to indie's progenitors. Bands either burn out or fade away, eclipsed by the newest trend with careers measured in years rather than decades. Pinback, the Southern California forerunner of both indie rock and the home recording movement, is an exception to such aging, keeping true to a signature sound and progressive ethos over the course of the band's 16-year career.

At its core is bassist/vocalist Zach Smith and guitarist/vocalist Rob Crow, who grew up together in San Diego, coming together to jam in living rooms and craft an airy, expansive sound rooted in off-kilter instrumentation and lyrical intricacies. That's sometimes the target for Pinback's naysayers, but such criticism isn't lost on Smith.

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K.C. Libman
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