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Of all the lame-assed rock-band reunions we've weathered over the past decade, perhaps the Pixies' hurts the least. This band of Boston oddballs made four and a half albums and played about a zillion live shows -- and still we know less about them than we do about Ashton Kutcher's love life. That's what makes this generous DVD -- complete live set, handful of videos, behind-the-scenes tour footage, story-of documentary -- a prize: We see Black Francis, Kim Deal, Joey Santiago and David Lovering buying postcards in Europe, fighting sound-check tedium, getting passed phone numbers by 12-year-old girls. Who knew these cult-beloved weirdoes did such normal stuff? The videos are fun, especially the one for "Velouria," where the quartet clambers over rocks in slo-mo (and that's it). Gouge, the 50-minute doc, is entertaining, if tired: the same terrible-looking English journalists praising the band's titanic influence (and idiotically dismissing Bossanova and Trompe le Monde as substandard), the same rockist bullshit about how "Debaser" and "Gigantic" have survived the test of time as if that's why the band wrote 'em. Watch it to see Lovering wear many tank tops and Francis freak when his guitar strap breaks onstage.
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Mikael Wood