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Pixies Play Doolittle in Its Entirety at Mesa Amphitheatre

The Pixies

If you were a big fan of the album Doolittle by the Pixies, then last night's concert at Mesa Amphitheatre probably made you really happy. The alternative rock band played the album in its entirety to an all-ages crowd, and people couldn't stop Tweeting their appreciation (and disappointment) for the show after the concert. Check out what Valley Pixies lovers had to say about the show below.

@kat_woman13- PIXIES concert was absolutely perfect!

@TheTZA- It smells like Otto's jacket down here - Pixies Pit Mesa

@tedduardo- Pack of drunk gen Xers dancing with their caffeinated children next to me. #pixies

@DJWILLIAMREED- Tha Pixies sounding amazing right now @ Mesa Amp!

@priscillard- Seeing the pixies= awesome :)

- Awesome: for "Into The White" they flooded the stage with smoke. It looked like a cloud had devoured the band. #pixies

@nooccar- OMG "where is my mind!"..... #pixies #encore

@MrAnathema- Kim Deal says Goodnight Everybody! #Pixies

@TimHalverson- The Pixies have a new fan for life, @BethHalverson. They played her song. :-)

@jpeiv4- Pixies were awesome! Great show! With great friends too. :-)

@Mackwin1337- Fuck Buttons + Pixies = Weird, but interesting combination.

@azecho- Wow, only $40 to feel 18 again! #pixies

@Nicole721- The Pixies was effing AWESOME!!!!!!

@lizurd616- Pixies were AWESOME

@robotfightclub- The Pixies were Amazing!!

@KevCullen- #Pixies gig has come to an end. Screamed myself hoarse for Tame like the little PIXIES fan I'll always be. Best gig I've been to in years!

@stefanielaine- i can honestly say that i never thought i would hear Where Is My Mind live. i just did. wow.

@DreamSacred- OM-Gosh...#PIXIES just knocked me out. Thanks for coming to #PHX

@rushmore71- Holy shit! Pixies + live + my ears = fuckin' awesome!!

@johnalewis- Seeing the Pixies play my favorite album of all time in its entirety is the best (belated) birthday present ever!

@HavartiParty- Pixies were incredible. I want to eat Kim Deal!

@girlyclimber- GIGANTIC, GIGANTIC, GIGANTIC, OUR BIG BIG LOVE! Thank you for the fantastic show Pixies.

@CORTANIAN- Thank you! Awesome show as expected! @PIXIES Mesa, Az 2010

@bullybully32- Oh wow! Great night. Pixies put on an awesome show.

@_Gerrad- Finally headed home. Pixies played the entire Doolittle album plus some deep b sides. 1st encore was an alternate take on wave of mutilation

@markegge- The Pixies show tonight was like watching The Pixies play lounge rock covers of The Pixies.(100% worth it for Fuck Buttons, though.)

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