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Now that Creed has broken up, the Cali-based P.O.D. -- best known for its hit "Youth of the Nation" -- has cornered the market on spiritual groups. But lead singer Sonny Sandoval explains that he's somewhat uncomfortable with that label. After all, no one is calling the Beastie Boys a "Buddhist" act. "We never used our faith to market anything," Sandoval says. "I don't know who said there was rock and Christian rock. I think you should give credit to the people who are singing about what they feel -- and not just what everyone wants to hear." P.O.D.'s latest album, Payable on Death (the phrase for which the acronym stands), is the first release with new guitarist Jason Truby, who replaced longtime member Marcos Curiel. Bassist Mark "Traa" Daniels says that Truby brings a different element to the band. "For a change, we have four people in the band that really love to be in P.O.D."
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Christina Fuoco