Podcast & Local Label Spotlight: Tiny Panda Records

By Steve Jansen

Art by Rachelle Arbellar

I remember being 21 years old. Staying up really late. Sleeping. Swimming.

That's all I can remember.

Miss Franberry is 21 right now, and though I'm unaware of her daily schedule, I do know that she goes to a ton of shows, plays a bunch of shows, and writes about shows.

She also runs a promotion company called Fizzle Promotions as well as Tiny Panda Records, a Phoenix-based label that represents some of the best folky, indie, and eclectic-y music in town.

Last week, I wrote about one of TPR's latest releases, the Treasure Mammal/Whitman 7-inch split. This week, I checked out the Tiny Panda Mixtape: Volume 1 (which is actually a CD) and loved it. The disc features tunes by local groups such as Andrew Jackson Jihad, My Feral Kin, Foot Ox, and Businessman's Lunch.

Check out track three from the album by Phoenix/recently-turned-Tucsonan singer-songwriter French Quarter. The song is called "In June" and was originally released on Tempe-based record label Gilgongo Records, which I will be spotlighting in the very near future.


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