Political Satire Videos Become Big Viral Hits for Local Production Companies

By Niki D’Andrea

Saturday Night Live has some funny political parodies, but the revitalized sketch comedy show isn’t the only place to find some election-time chuckles. A Phoenix-based production company called Synthetic Human has gotten in on the action, with a political satire video titled “I’m Voting Republican.” The video’s been a viral hit for Synthetic Human -- a company helmed by Phoenix New Times freelance photographer Giulio Sciorio -- netting more than 4.2 million views since it was uploaded to YouTube in June:

In response to “I’m Voting Republican,” another Valley-based production company, VerticalBlu, made this video, titled “I’m Voting Democrat”:

Both videos are funny and make some salient points. Of course, we won’t tell you whether to vote Republican or Democrat – just vote.

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