Polysics in 140 Characters or Less

Seriously, who would want to miss a Japanese musical group modeled after Devo? Not these peeps. Check out what people from around the Valley had to say about Polysics' show at the Rhythm Room in Phoenix last night (and read our review here.)


@MistressKitty-WEEE!! Me with Fumi and Kayo of Polysics! *TREASURE*!! Pic no. 4 for my fairly new "International Bands" gallery

@courtneyburgman- Im at polysics, opening bands on and the merch guy had a kraftwerk shirt on. Great night so far

@TheShizzEvents- #Polysics just put on a graduate level clinic in awesome. mind = blown.

@Emperor_norton- Polysics is settin up clad in orange jumpsuits.
Polysics show ended about an hour ago. Had to extract an earplug out of my ear with some tweezers, still ragged + buzzed from the show.
Their set: as the crowd was hollowing the chorus to "Take On Me" (since no one knew the verses), the Ps sauntered on stage and went to work.
Hiro sweats so much when he's playin, writhin on stage like an electroshocked epileptic guitar windmill, you can SEE it raining off of him.
At one point Hiro puts on an Oni mask + the band performs a rice-tossing exorcism of evil spirits in the venue. "In good fortune, out evil!"
They didn't play their deranged-super-high-energy cover of "My Sharona", but they did encore with "Blackout Fallout". Polysics were awesome. 
To me they're like ze Dresden Dolls: I don't listen to Polysics or Doll CDs much at home, but I'll crawl thru broken glass to see them live.

@myluvkris- had soooo much fun at the polysics concert, i lost my voice! that's how you know it was a good concert!

@AJJtheBand- Polysics with Emperors of Japan and Get Down to Brass Tacks was tonight, also an amazing show. Remarkable band, those Polysics.

@cbisquitaz- Ha ha thr venue really filled up now that Polysics are coming on stage. I was getting worried forba moment there x)

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