Prediction: Will Kelly Clarkson Nail the Super Bowl XVLI National Anthem?

So, I may not be the flag-waving American I should be, but hot damn, there's just something about hearing the national anthem that gives me chills.

Most of the attention in the build up for this weekend's showdown has been placed on dueling quarterbacks Tom Brady and Eli Manning, million dollar commercials, and the halftime show featuring Madonna and LMFAO. But before Sunday's festivities begin, a certain battle cry will be belted out on television's biggest stage; the super bowl.

Whitney Houston's 1991 performance set the bar pretty high, Jennifer Hudson created a lot of buzz in 2009, and Christina Aguilera came close to solidifying her place among the iconic performances before she forgot a line.

So when Kelly Clarkson picks up the mic in Indianapolis will she straight up nail it, or flub it?

Steven Tyler - 2012 AFC Championship Game This is how not to do it.

Christina Aguilera - 2011 This is how you come close.

Whitney Houston - 1991 This is how it's done.

The original American Idol has her fair share of chops, but but I'm thinking she'll play it safe and shoot for accuracy over fireworks.

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