Preview: Ben Folds to Solve Global Poverty in Tempe

By John Dickerson

Suburbanites unite. Grab your iPods, and sport your American Apparel/Urban Outfitter goodies, because Ben Folds is coming to town. Yes it’s true. And anyone who was ever anyone will be there on at Gammage in Tempe on Tuesday.

Would you believe Ben Folds turned 42 this year? That’s almost 20 years senior to Australian singer-songwriter phenom Missy Higgins. Rumor has it Higgins will join Folds on stage. Zowie!

Folds will surely play some songs from his new album Way to Normal, which we all know debuted at #11 on the Billboard 200 (Well, now we do.). Folds timeless classics are doubtless to surface, too. So invite anyone named Zac, Sarah, Annie or Reinhold Messner.

Spoiler Alert! Folds performed this show two weeks ago in St. Louis. Our sister publication, The Riverfront Times wrote this review about the concert - documenting each of Folds' song choices and nearly every wrinkle on his forehead, too.

Concert details here.

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